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Terms of purchase

Acceptance of following conditions is required when booking.

1. GENERAL These General terms and conditions for the purchase of photos and auction film as well as other film for public viewing and set out the terms that apply between you as a user/buyer and Lina Alm Racing Media, which is operated by Lina Alm.  Lina Alm Racing Media reserves the right to make changes to these General Terms and Conditions. Such changes may occur at any time and without notice. The current General Terms and Conditions are always published on the website. By approving the terms upon booking, the User certifies that he or she has read the terms of the General Terms and Conditions applicable at the time of confirmation and approves and accepts the terms. Linking to external pages such as ASVT's online catalog is provided by the User.

2. COPYRIGHT FILMS ​The films are delivered in the form of links.  The user, with the limitations resulting from the copyright legislation in force at any time, the Terms of Use and these General Terms and Conditions, may: Use the Files an unlimited number of times. The Files - or the contents of the Files - may not be copied or assigned in whole or in part to anyone.  The files - or the contents of the files - may not be sold in whole or in part.  Cannot screenshot the movie to create photo.  The film may not be published on another YouTube or Vimeo channel without permission. The film may not be edited or published in a form other than the original. The copyright to the data files and all content in the data files belongs to Lina Alm Racing Media. The user undertakes to continuously stay informed about changes and additions to copyright legislation and other norm formation within copyright. The user shall indemnify Lina Alm Racing Media in the event that the use of downloaded files is in violation of these General Terms and Conditions.

3. COPYRIGHT PHOTOS ​Copyright means that others besides the client/payer may not: • Copy or create the exact same image from scratch. • Use it in a brochure, on a website or use it in any context that the public can see. • Change for example crop, text, color or any other change. • Put it up for sale individually or as content in another work.  • Use the image in any way that makes us as copyright owners feel violated.

​4. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE  Regarding photos, you may not use an image that you are not the author of except for private use within the walls of the home. You, as the buyer of the photo, do not have the right to transfer the right to use the photo to a third party. This then means that if a third party (e.g. buyer of a horse) copies a picture on e.g. Facebook or auction site may not use the image other than for private use in their home. If you go against this, you mainly risk a fine, however, if the crime is very serious, you risk a prison sentence.

5. PRICES ​The user must pay the price for purchased movie(s) according to agreement. The price  is stated in Swedish kronor. VAT and travel costs are added.

6. DELIVERY TIME ​Films are delivered according to agreement after the horse(s) have been filmed.

​7. MISSING PAYMENT ​In the event of non-payment, Lina Alm Racing Media has the right to deactivate the film immediately as the payment conditions have not been met.

8. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ​Rules for conditions, routine descriptions regarding filming and other for the purchase relevant information is published on the website. The user undertakes to inform himself of such information before the purchase and to follow the instructions published at any time.

9. ARCHIVING ​Lina Alm Racing Media has routines for continuous back-up and other IT security measures but loss of data cannot be ruled out. The user is therefore encouraged to safely archive his film himself.

10. PERSONAL DATA ​By the User registering in connection with booking films on the website, the User leaves certain contact details etc. which contain information about the User's identity. In that the User accepts the terms of these General Terms and Conditions, the User consents to Lina Alm Racing Media saving and processing such data and such information for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations and exercising its rights in connection with the User's booking of film. The User's personal data will be saved as long as the contractual relationship between the User and Lina Alm Racing Media exists and for a period thereafter if it is necessary for Lina Alm Racing Media to be able to fulfill its remaining obligations or exercise its rights towards the User.

11. INJURIES ​Lina Alm Racing Media is under no circumstances responsible for any damages – whether direct or indirect damages or consequential damages – as a result of filming. In the event of lameness or other damage, Lina Alm Racing Media reserves the right to interrupt the filming and discard the film clips that may have been taken of the injured horse. Lina Alm Racing Media has no obligation to deliver film clips deemed to show a horse in an unacceptable condition for running.

12. DISPUTE ​Any dispute due to this agreement must be settled in general court with Malmö District Court as first instance.

13. QUESTIONS AND CONTACT ​If questions should arise due to these General Terms and Conditions or any other need for contact arises, the User is welcome to contact Lina Alm Racing Media.


Lina Alm Racing Media

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