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This is a selection of the most frequent questions.

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初期費用、講習費用、その他サポート費用、すべて無料です。 当社は、配信アプリ各社から正式にライバーサポート業務を受託している企業ですので、ライバーさんから直接的に費用をいただくことは一切ございません。 もちろん、退会も無料です。


基本的にはご自宅で配信をしたいただくことになるかと思います。 背景を少し整えるだけで大丈夫です!細かいことはしっかりご説明いたします。


視聴者の方に応援をしてもらえるような配信をすれば、しっかり稼げるようになります。 そのためのノウハウをお伝えし、実行までサポートすることが当社の役目です!




はい。可能です。 ただし、親権者様の同意が必要となります。また配信時間は5時〜22時までとなります。


はい。現在の事務所さんの許可を得ていただければ問題ございません。 ライブ配信の事務所の場合、移籍の手続きを当社にて承らせていただきます。




応援をしてもらうためには顔出しをしていた方が成果が上がりやすいというのも事実です。 最近は「ラジオ配信」といって、顔を出さない方の配信も増えてきておりますし、各アプリも許可しておりますので、顔出しなしで配信は可能です!


もちろんです!多くのライバーさんが、最初は他の仕事と兼業されており、成果が出てきたら一本化する、という流れです。 ただし、お勤め先の就業規則はご確認されることをお勧めいたします。

How do I book?

It's simple! To book follow these instructions:

  1. Click on "Filming" in the menue.
  2. Click on "Book".
  3. Fill in your selections.
  4. Click send.
We will come back to you as soon as possible to complete the booking. Click to go directly to order form here

Can I share my video on Facebook and other social media?

Yes! You can share your video at any social media. Click at the "share symbol". It looks like a paperplane. Anyone who watches the video can share the video. Obs! If you want to embed your video, make sure you write your webadress in the costumer form. If you didn't buy the video and still would like to embed it on your site, please contact me by email.

Can I download my video?

Yes! If you bought the video and filled in the costumers form I will send a downloadlink to the email you provided in the form. Go directly to the costumers form here.

Can I embed my video?

Yes! Costumers can easily embed their video!

  1. Go to videos.
  2. Look and find your video under the sale your yearling will be sold.
  3. Click on the icon that looks like a paperplane in the right upper corner. 4. Click at: < /> 5. Mark the embed-code and click "Copy" or rightclick and copy. OBS! All videos will be clear to embed at the webpages the sales are providing, such as www.asvt.se, www.yearlingsale.se, www. kolgjini.se and so on. Remember to make your booking online to be able to embed your video. Only costumers will be able to embed their video. I unlock the video for embedding by a code referring to the website provided in the costumers form. OBS! Embed is not the same as "share". All videos can be shared by anyone.

What´s the pricing?

Depending on what type of video you are interested in, there are different prices. Go to Prices and services to see the different types I offer. After filling in the costumers form, we will contact you.

What´s the procedure during filming?

I will arrive at the location provided in the costumer form. The farm manager is reponsible to prepare the filming paddock. (Read more about how to prepare the filming area under cathegory Preperations.) I will film the horse from the side, front and back. Depending on the setup of the filming area and type of horse it takes about 15-30 minutes to film one horse.

What is included?

A standard type of video contains: Intro - Name of the horse, year born, hip number, sire and dam, breeder. Filmclips - Clips taken from the side, front and back. Music - Non copyright protected music. Read more about the different versions of videos here