Allegro - top maternal line

In foal: Trixton

To: Bar Hopping


  • 2016 - Zoreen (Zola Boko)

  • 2018 - Doreen (Broad Bahn)

  • 2019 - Claureen (Victor Gio)

  • Offspring register

Successful horses - maternal line

  • Manchego $2,165,394

  • Lookout Victory $1,921,604

  • Cedar Dove $1,185,081

  • Possess the Magic $1,102,619

  • Magic Tonight 9.929.407 SEK

  • When Dovescry $935,090

  • Winndevie $534,682

  • Spoil Me 3.889.000 SEK



Laureen has the ”hottest” maternal line in the world. Third dam Allegro has been exceptional as a broodmare with four offsprings earning more than $100,000. In the last five years there has been an explosion of superstars descending from her. Laureen’s grandam Concert Goer is also the grandam of the fastest female trotter ever in the history of harness racing; Manchego, 1:49,0 (1.07,7ak)


During 2019 performers from Allegro’s genes also include; 2019 Hambo Oaks Champion When Dovescry and 2019 Breeders Crown Champion Winndevie.


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