I'm starting a blog!

I have decided to focus to write about my operation on this site. The social media is a great tool for many people, but it's actually not my cup of tea. If anyone is interested in what I do, and my thoughts, short clips and photos from the trips I make and people that I see, you are very welcome to visit this blog!

So, what is going on in my life. Well I would narrow it down to this; in summertime and early fall, I film sale horses, mainly for the Swedish sales. Fall and winter I scout yearlings in USA. Spring and early summer I focus on my own breeding operation, picking stallions for my broodmares and such.

I really enjoy my work, all year around, and feel very lucky to be working with the thing I love - horses.

I live and work together with Thomas Moberg. We share the great interest for horses and especially harness horses.

Have a great day, and stay safe!


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