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The joy of doing what you like!

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Welcome to our site!

Here we present the services we can offer, such as photography and filming of horses.

If you are interested in seeing the 2022 auction films, take a look at the video archive. There we post sale videos continuously, and will also supplement with videos from previous years.

We have filmed star trotters such as Green Manalishi, Empire, Conrad's Rödluva, Rajesh Face and others.

Our story

LA Racing Media is a family business that has grown and developed since its inception in 2013. It started  with Lina filming training sets, doing interviews before races and making short films of foals and race horses with a small tourist video camera at Vombs Nygård, commissioned by Lutfi Kolgjini. 

In connection with the filming of Kolgjini's auction horses, requests from other breeders appeared, and the rest is history. For 10 years, Lina has had the pleasure of combining two great interests; photography and horses. During the high season, time became a scarce commodity, filming, photography and editing took up all the time during the 5 busiest auction months; May - September. That's where Thomas and Kent came into the picture.

Thomas Moberg (Lina's partner) is today responsible for customer service, booking questions, film tour schedule, invoicing and basically everything that has nothing to do with photography and editing. 

Kent Alm (Lina's father) makes sure the team is in the right place at the right time. He serves drinks and travel food, and makes sure that everything runs smoothly during our many and long trips. 


We who work here

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Lina Alm Racing Media

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